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  1. Zuleikha

    Eating haraam meat.

    Salmon is halal though. I am frequent with non Muslim restaurants and I always eat seafood and vegetarian.
  2. Zuleikha

    Whatever happneed to somalilife.com?

    Good old days @sophisticate @Reiko :icon cry:
  3. Zuleikha

    Finally snowing in London and south east uk properly for the first time in 4 years

    I am so happy. I am working from home tomorrow.
  4. Zuleikha

    Do Somaliland have aesthetic people? (PICS)

    All is well alxamdulilah inaabti barwaaqo iyo bash bash. Nafta ka waran adiga? The great art of fdk died long time ago inaabti. Waxaan quustay when people start making fun of the poor innocent people back home who are dying of hunger, getting bombed and dying of illnesses.
  5. Zuleikha

    Regional Stereotypes as it relates to our Xaalimo's

    I am pretty sure I have seen this thread before:gucciwhat:
  6. Zuleikha

    Do Somaliland have aesthetic people? (PICS)

    Mashallah beautiful people. @ReeBorama inaabti reerka in wax laga Sheeko ma ogalid ileen.
  7. Zuleikha

    A somali girl exposing her sisters messages

    Who exposes their family like that though? :gucciwhat: My sister is part of me and if I exposed her I am exposing myself.
  8. Zuleikha

    Tall girls

    I like being short runtii
  9. Zuleikha

    Election Day in Somaliland

    May the best man win inshallah:)
  10. Zuleikha

    Ever been on welfare/benefits?

    No alxamdulilah I went straight to university after completing my A levels and I was working part time since I was 17. And when I was in university I took a summer placement and they offered me a job when I graduated and I am currently working there after 3 years alxamdulilah.
  11. Zuleikha

    in defence of the UK

  12. Zuleikha

    Quran alone Muslims.

    @Shamis quranism leads to atheism take @Amun for example. Islam is simple, don't make it complicated. As long as you belief and follow the five pillars of islam and the 6 pillars of faith there is no worries
  13. Zuleikha

    Was I wrong?

    Start spending more time with your new friend and tell them they are more than welcome to join and hang out with you if not bye. I did and it worked out for me. They didn't like my ajnabi friend and told me not to bring her into our group because they didn't like her western views but I had more...
  14. Zuleikha

    Men on Marriage Strike

    I've notice this also. I am trying to have at least one of my older brothers to settle down but they want to remain 'bachelors' till the age of 35. Despite being financially stable, have a successful career and own properties. They actin all prestige and that I am tellin ya.
  15. Zuleikha

    How come Xalimos from the diaspora can't cook Somali food?

    Ajnabi aa :browtf: How hard is it to make a pancake? cook for yourself mate your wife is your partner not your servent. This is why I used to tell my mum not to spoil her sons so they don't feel freaking entitled.
  16. Zuleikha

    How come Xalimos from the diaspora can't cook Somali food?

    war naga amuus shidap baan ku idhi:hillarybiz:
  17. Zuleikha

    Do you identify as Muslim first or Somali first?

    I am a muslim first and foremost.
  18. Zuleikha

    Jerome Jarre is still trying to find his xalimo.

    isn't he gay?
  19. Zuleikha


    Would you give him a chance if he told you the truth from the start? Lying about your previous marriage is big no-no tbh.
  20. Zuleikha

    I cried watching this video of Somali mother protesting today in Mogadishu

    This is heartbreaking :kendrickcry::mjcry: May Allah forgive their sins and enter them into Jannah.