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  1. Madd

    How dangerous is London

    Wallahi the place is chill. I have lived in south east as well. It ain't even that bad neither.
  2. Madd

    How dangerous is London

    Bare people are talking shit. I am not originally from london but I have lived here for a couple of years and never had any problems even when I go out to chill and on a n9ght out. In London, problems will come if you look for it. But if you chill and mind your own business You are good.
  3. Madd

    How dangerous is London

    tottenham is chill. I lived in Tottenham for a whole year. I used to work around that area at 3 in the morning high off my fucking head and I never got in to an issue. Saw bare roadman. No once has anyone tried to draw me out. People talk to much crude about that place. It is hella calm wallahi.
  4. Madd

    Somalispot what's your relationship status?

    Abayo macan no need to hide it. We can tell our fellow sspotters that we an item. I am not ashamed to claim you:oops:
  5. Madd

    best coli/sspot emotes

  6. Madd

    Soo gala!!!!

    Quality poster, something this site dearly lacks:ileycry:. Welcome back walaal, we need to start karbashing these gender fluid weirdos.:lolbron:
  7. Madd

    Somalis in Seattle Soo Gala

    Oh shit nigga its you:damnmusic:
  8. Madd

    What job did you're family have before civil war

    Bruv nobody on this site will admit that there parents were reer illerate, That's a huge L. That's why everybody is going to say banker, politician, student, engineer or some shit:silanyolaugh:
  9. Madd

    Idris Elba has the corona virus

    It has nothing to do with that you want him dead cus he has a pretty somali qumayo:ulyin:
  10. Madd

    Why do the majority of profiles have cartoon pic

    Warya don't listen to this little girl be a fucking man and change it something more manly. What is wrong with somali ciyaal. Wallahi when I was your age I used to steal fucking tyres and sell them for 50 pound a tyre and use that money to either buy weed or other shit like stolen cars. What...
  11. Madd

    Funny niggas of SSpot Appreciation Thead

    Are you a women:faysalwtf:
  12. Madd

    Why do the majority of profiles have cartoon pic

  13. Madd


    I am also planning to go straight to hargeisa with it in seal proof container. The only countries I will be in is the uk, Ethiopia and somaliland
  14. Madd


  15. Madd


  16. Madd

    South Africa now has 4 million immigrants, Native South Africans don't like it

    This is what would happen to a well developed somalia. Africans would just run to any rich country. Look at fucking Nigeria over run with foreigners.
  17. Madd

    Bye bye Maya Jama... Stormzy's new habesha babe!

    Have you seen him and have seen his women. I wouldn't to if I was him.
  18. Madd

    Bye bye Maya Jama... Stormzy's new habesha babe!

    Akhi a couple of madows I know went to Sweden recently for a habeshi event. Atleast 20 biddas I know, just so they could try to pull some.
  19. Madd

    Bye bye Maya Jama... Stormzy's new habesha babe!

    Madows in london consider Horner women to be top tier. They especially obsessed with habeshi women.
  20. Madd

    GEELJIRES pour serious money to a Ponzi Scheme in Nairobi. They’ve lost $59m to a Somali guy

    They deserve it. How do a bunch of fucking illerate somali mps and officials have 59 million. Fucking tuugs I hope they all burn in hell.