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  1. Plo_Koon

    Say wallahi Somali men are becoming jileec like White men

    stop being so jileec waryaa :ufdup:, the older the juice, the smellier the cheese, they say .:pachah1:
  2. Plo_Koon

    Has being on lockdown made you more irritable?

    I'm having the time of my life, sleeping all day all night :banderas: waking up whenever the fuck I want sleeping whenever the fuck I want watching my shows whenever the fuck i want . basically , i do whatever the fuck i want :fittytousand: never felt this free in a long time .
  3. Plo_Koon

    What's he doing here?

  4. Plo_Koon

    Tonight is the Full Moon

    It bring out the Qori-ismaris in me ,bro , but sadly I'm in Lockdown, can't hunt tonight :kendrickcry: #CoronaRuinedMyLife.
  5. Plo_Koon

    Tonight is the Full Moon

  6. Plo_Koon

    Platinum SSPOT Annual Chess competition

  7. Plo_Koon

    Anyone remember this mofo lmao

    "I'll put a bullet in your ass" :chrisfreshhah::dead1: "modafakaz" is he from South Africa or Kenya ?
  8. Plo_Koon


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  11. Plo_Koon

    Ghetto Somalis make me feel unsafe

    It's not about being fulay or scared, I don't like to be around these fake ghetto-hoodrats wanna-be lost souls either. They're even 100 times worse than the originals , seeing some of them try so hard is embarrassing and annoying as fuck . few months ago I was buying some hilib at a somali...
  12. Plo_Koon

    Platinum SSPOT Annual Chess competition

    Anyone ? come at me bros
  13. Plo_Koon

    Viruses are Sexy.

  14. Plo_Koon

    Moa Zedong killed 75m but look at China today, it was chaotic as Somalia. I urge that we kill few millions for glorious Somalia. Each clan sacrifice.

    Just pay me 100mil. and I'll kill every last one of them . I'll go Itachi on their timo jileec asses.:kendrickcry: Then, I'll join beesha Jareerwayen , buy a farm and a small hut.
  15. Plo_Koon

    I wanna get a pizza

    New England :bell:
  16. Plo_Koon

    I wanna get a pizza

    BTW , if you guys are feeling tired or have no appetite for food , try exercising a little , you can do it without any equipment, there are a lot of good vids on YouTube that will give you some ideas , just push yourself a little and you will feel much better after.
  17. Plo_Koon

    I wanna get a pizza

    I hope you don't die of gaajo like a man :damn: I don't fucking trust restaurants anymore , what if one of the employees have the virus, too risky, New York state is the new epicenter of coronavirus with 44k confirmed cases , and I live right next to it .:kendrickcry:
  18. Plo_Koon

    The Chinese virus

    We are all somewhat paranoid nowadays, I had this weird dryness in the back of my throat the other day , I wasn't coughing but that made me a little nervous :urgh: ,now it's all good Thank God. I hope it's nothing ma geeljire , salamaat inshallah.
  19. Plo_Koon

    Y DNA T-L208 Somalis

    T geeljires , you guys might be the Lost Sumerians , you waz Summer and shiet :fittytousand:
  20. Plo_Koon

    Lockdown: Day One .

    are sure she'll be willing to share the lacag ? I guess single moms will become a hot commodity in the coming weeks ,lol.