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    Girl goes to India almost gets raped

    They speak the same language too lmao
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    Mathematics, Physics and Computer science : HOMEWORK HELP BY ME

    @abdiwarrior Ok so i actually havent seen much trinomials before so i found myself a challenge...for 20 mins. I wont answer all your questions , instead i will teach you the process. First of all lets do 5 2x^2+xy-y^2+3x-3y-2 Ok this is difficult! lets get it to the form of ax^2 + bx + c ...
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    Muslim Cleansing..

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    Anti Farmaajo protests in the UK

    Taxi Drivers with calool weyn angry they cant get their monthly corruption check.Somalia is growing Mr.Abdi, we do not need taxi drivers transforming into MPS.
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    Girl goes to India almost gets raped

    How are they cucks? being white is a sign of royalty over there.
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    What would you do if your Wife/Husband refused to have sex?

    I have noticed alot of married people arent having sex, especially on television.Lets say it has been going on for 6 months what would you do?
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    Girl goes to India almost gets raped

    Pakistanis be like :****aanyosmile:
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    What is the current Somali administration's plan regarding security?

    This guy is filled with Qabalyad , dont assume his answers are correct.Do your own research on the topic.
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    Any hope left for Somalia?

    We came from killing every non-reer hebel in xamar to a functioning city with a growing security force.Calm down and trust the process.
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    Apparently Edna Adan doesn't let anyone that isn't from her tribe volunteer at her hospital!!!!

    She is a habaryar to reer cidegale.I would be surprised if this was the case.
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    New York Exchange :Young somali entrepreneur lists his company.

    The taxes up there are around half your income lol.
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    Muslim Man Assaulted By Alt-right Liverpool Thot

    He didnt lie :cool:
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    Confession: I Dont Care If my Wife Was Once Ran Through

    They are just good at hiding it.Marrying a woman who had sex before marriage is good, you can use it as an excuse to divorce later on.
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    LOL Astagfurallah

    Propaganda, technological advancements has reduced chores greatly.Furthermore i would be suprised if everyone did this daily.
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    Don’t let them lie to you, Weed is for losers.

    That is a fallacy, these are exceptions to the rule hence why they are paraded.Most successful people do not partake in marijuana.
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    Making America Great Again: Somali Bantu Refugees in Lewiston, Maine

    Culturally they aren’t Somalis.
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    Don’t let them lie to you, Weed is for losers.

    Weed reduces ambitions, ya get the munchies after getting high for a fucken oath of a time then hit the bed hard .You then wake up at 3pm like an Aboriginal cunt off his head. You don’t have to worry about achieveing your ambitions, you,re probably living in hoyas house while whipping a joint...