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  1. Shamis

    subhanallah i know brother who is going to marry no fee prostitute

    LOL no one cares any more. I honestly don't know anyone who hasn't had sex at least once before they got married and their husbands don't care because they've probably had more sex than them. This topic is for men with blue balls.
  2. Shamis

    How times have changed, the cultural eating etiquette's of our Xalimo's

    It's a third world thing. Arabs and Africans are like that.
  3. Shamis

    How times have changed, the cultural eating etiquette's of our Xalimo's

    In my day Somali women didn't even go to restaurants, it was ceeb and they ate left overs of their kids dinner. These liberated Somali women are just enjoying the freedoms their mothers never had. I wish they'd avoid fast food though. Being a fatso is bad for your health
  4. Shamis

    I think polygamy is disgusting

    I agree. No concept of love or respect for your wife and mother of your children. Marrying someone just to have sex and kids while they're young and then abandon them for someone younger just to have sex and more kids without losing your wife and kids. Very selfish and not loving.
  5. Shamis

    I think polygamy is disgusting

    Thankfully many people around the world share my opinion.
  6. Shamis

    I think polygamy is disgusting

    Sorry I know it's halal buts disgusting. Some men don't even take a shower after having sex with one wife and then go to the next. Most Muslim men are too broke to look after more than one family so they raise their 50 kids on benefits. I think it's absolutely disgusting and should be banned...
  7. Shamis

    Happy birthday

    There are plenty in my extended family lol
  8. Shamis

    Happy birthday

    I was born in a hospital so I have my real date of birth.
  9. Shamis

    The Golden Age of Islam

    I agree with your sentiments baldy.
  10. Shamis

    Somalis Soaring in Kenya

    We suck in the West and in Somali lands but we thrive in other African countries.
  11. Shamis

    It’s -18 c

    Oooooh that's cold! It never goes below -5 here.
  12. Shamis

    MO Farah been getting death threats over this post on Instagram

    I'm sure his wife is still Christian, he's celebrating it for her.
  13. Shamis

    Muslim youtuber refutes the masked arab’s claim that isis represents Islam

    The masked Arab can't have been Muslim to start off with. I think he was always a gaal and that's why he covers his face.
  14. Shamis

    Somali ex muslims are growing.

    I would never disown my kid for leaving Islam. You get more flies with honey than vinegar.
  15. Shamis

    Forcing myself to learn how to cook or starve.

    I rarely cook Somali foods. I tend to cook Ethiopian, Thai, West African and Indian. I pick up the recipes on line and adapt them like reducing the chilli or using xawash instead of stinky curry powder.
  16. Shamis

    Topless Feminist storms Vatican shouting "God is a women" Snatching Jesus Idol

    She has a right to challenge them. If a religion feels threatened by feminism and modernity, does it stand the test of time?
  17. Shamis

    Are somali people depressed people

    Most Somalis are poor. That's why they look shabby.
  18. Shamis

    Question to atheists!!

    I don't believe in the big bang, too convenient. Where did matter and energy come from?
  19. Shamis

    A question my gaal friend asked me

    I don't want an opinion but something from the Quran and Sunnah.
  20. Shamis

    A question my gaal friend asked me

    Don't you talk openly with your friends about love, sex, philosophy and religion? I don't just gossip with my friends, we've known each other for years and really like to challenge each other.