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  1. simulacrum

    Bye bye Maya Jama... Stormzy's new habesha babe!

    kkkkkkk @ Mephis Depay trying to holler at her.
  2. simulacrum

    Is it over for UK Somalis?

    We only got 10 cases in the Netherlands. Despite the warning, they even managed to fuck up by being negligent with a patient who had a flu but they didn’t bother to check wether the person had a corona virus.
  3. simulacrum

    How do I fight the bidaar sxbs

    I've come up with a new hypothesis for maintaining your bidaar and slowing further recession. It's eating more (kcal surplus) and also weight lifting 3 times a week (bulking). It's suugo-science but more and more my hypothesis is being confirmed by the amount of skinny boomer Faraxs I see in...
  4. simulacrum

    Why do innocent people get punished?

    The world is extremely indifferent to ''good'' or ''bad'' people. It's doesn't favor one over the other. It's your religious and moral upbringing that's coloring your view of the world. For me it was shocking too, but that's because I was wrong for imposing my views on events and situations. It...
  5. simulacrum

    No Somalis in Top Boy

    There was a Farax at the end beating someone, if I remember correctly.
  6. simulacrum

    Drake is seeing an East African supermodel

    I think K'naan made millions with ''waving flag'' alone. The same with how Lil Nax x made millions with old town road.
  7. simulacrum

    Madow girl makes video about Somali men

    She really came for us like that:chrisfreshhah:
  8. simulacrum

    Drake is seeing an East African supermodel

    Fun fact: Her ex is a half Geeljire from the Netherlands. She's very beautiful.
  9. simulacrum

    The Dangers of Atheism

    They did the right thing wallahi. I’d probably do the same. Look at every Islamic country. It’s basically shithole in every metric. Siyad Barre visioned what would’ve happened if he allowed Islam to flourish without constraint.
  10. simulacrum

    Somali rappers that are blowing up in the UK

    This is super cringe. Sent them back
  11. simulacrum

    Perfume (Man Cave)

    Terre D'Hermes.
  12. simulacrum

    Do you know any well off/rich somali families?

    The Somalis that do make it are eventually drained by their sick/poor family members. :manny:
  13. simulacrum

    This weird smell

    Yeah it’s musty too. I think it’s normal. Eritreans fobs also have a distinct smell.
  14. simulacrum

    This weird smell

    It’s just the natural smell of people that don’t put on cologne and deodorant. Cadaans have a different smell but all similar it seems.
  15. simulacrum

    Why are insecure Somali men concerned about who Somali girls screw?

    Me whenever I see a Xalimo with an ajanabi :urgh:
  16. simulacrum

    He hugs his brothers killer and forgive her

    She got less than Mohammed Noor. America is a sick country. :kanyehmm:
  17. simulacrum

    Flat Earthers

    Let's be honest flat earth theory is a cope for people who feel inadequate about the complexities of the world, just as religion. The science community is basically like a secret society where only few people are member of. Gone are the days where you can discover something profound about the...
  18. simulacrum

    PM Justin Trudeau scandal

  19. simulacrum

    Somalis are NASAAB

    I gave this geeljire guri l’aan from Utrecht 10 euros. I felt obligated to give him. It’s embarrassing on Waaq. He’s probably going to score some khat iyo khamri. It is what it is.
  20. simulacrum

    Xalimo rapper goes on a tirade against Somali men

    I’ve noticed some Xalimos project their failures on Faraxs:****aanyolaugh: