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  1. A_A

    The Italian Language

    Bismillah that’s a nightmare situation, imagine speaking ITALIAN???:camby:
  2. A_A

    Which one are you ?

    I may be called naive but I’m an extreme unionist. I want everyone to take the Somalinimo pill.
  3. A_A

    WHO is going to watch the new LION KING??

    Not me, Disney is not gonna finesse me off my money
  4. A_A

    Fellas, will you wear a wedding ring?

  5. A_A

    Fellas, will you wear a wedding ring?

    I don’t mind if my future husband doesn’t wear it, lakiin I’ll wear 10 rings.
  6. A_A

    Alex Jones ranting about Somalis

    It’s good he know his place, next he’ll need to learn Somali too.
  7. A_A

    I wish to get my hands on a Jambiya one day

    The ones Afars use a long af bismillah That’s not even a dagger anymore, that’s a whole sword.:dead:
  8. A_A

    I wish to get my hands on a Jambiya one day

    Don’t Afars use those daggers too? I’ve even seen some Somalis use the
  9. A_A

    New border between The Republic of Somaliland and Somalia Italiana

    The -ia suffix isn’t that big of a deal, I’m fine with that. The -land suffix is too foreign sounding. Something like Somal, Samaale, or Somaal.
  10. A_A

    Who here has heard of the 10/40 window plan?

    I found out about it a while ago. I remember reading this blog of a American missionary complaining about how hard it was in Somalia, he really tried and all he got was cholera.:russ:
  11. A_A

    Dark skin Xalimos using light skin emojis

    Who puts that much thought into their emojis? Shaqo la'aanimo. Who cares if the emojis you use are light or dark, it's an emoji for the love of god not a window to their soul.:dead:
  12. A_A

    Shocking wedding photos from Somalia

    Disgusting :susp:
  13. A_A

    Wales recognises Somaliland

  14. A_A

    A Must Watch Somali movie!!!

    I have a feeling this will be a feels good movie for cadaans. They'll shed a tear or two and remark about how savage Somalis are. Nothing will change, I really hope that it's not that sorta movie.
  15. A_A

    I feel like I belong to Saba

    Your taking this Arab ish too far
  16. A_A

    Would you risk your life for Somalia and its people

    See? Imagine dying for some lowly clan, I recommend two doses of Somalinimo to be taken once a day.
  17. A_A


    Grant idk what your drinking but Bantus for the most part aren’t native to Somalia. The fact that you wanna conveniently skip around the fact that they were enslaved is big YIKES. You can put on your rose colored glasses and say that they just migrated. Slavery is terrible, let’s not hide...
  18. A_A

    Question for the Ameicans on here

    Funnily enough I didn’t do the pledge much in America, in the UAE they made me do their national anthem EVERY MORNING.
  19. A_A

    Apparently the diraac isn’t somali but Oromo

    Nah the diraac is Somali, just because a piece of clothing shares similarities with another does not mean it’s said clothing. Hell the guntiino looks a like how the sari was worn in the early 20th century. Obviously the guntiino is not a sari ripoff. Notice how both pieces of clothing are...