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  1. astorecalledkmart

    Another toronto rapper killed

    I'll be cleaning up Jane and Finch shortly sxb don't worry - @Shmurda exposed where I really live a few days ago, but I'm not complaining - I save a lot on rent
  2. astorecalledkmart

    What old technology do you still use

    My foreign, off-roader :westbrookswag:
  3. astorecalledkmart

    Depression Culture

    May Allah give you health brother. Thank you for sharing your story. That is a tremendous accomplishment to be graduating after such trials mashaAllah! May Allah make it easy for you. Perfect example of getting help, taking medicine, and using the deen
  4. astorecalledkmart

    Do attractive people have it easier in life?

    For me, shy/introverted girls are the ones I find the most beautiful. Don't worry about it - your behaviour alone will attract you many suitors, and I'm sure you're very pretty too on top of that mashaAllah
  5. astorecalledkmart

    Depression Culture

    Very insightful walaal, jazakAllah khair. My advice is in general, for those with and without depression. As you suggest, major depression has many facets to it that require treatment from many angles, pharmacological, psychological, and spiritual.
  6. astorecalledkmart

    Short quotes you can put as your bio on sspot....

    For 3 weeks I thought I was another nationality
  7. astorecalledkmart

    Depression Culture

    @Rose and @Exodus - walaalo, both of you are right. You should get professional help when needed for mental health concerns, and legally, your physician cannot disclose your information to anyone without government intervention usually. Some mental health problems can be used to decide on...
  8. astorecalledkmart

    Depression Culture

    Broke: Looking forward to an eternity of cold, dark oblivion after death with no money, accomplishments, or legacy in this transient and fleeting life to show for it Woke: Having hope that there is life beyond the grave and that justice shall prevail Bespoke: Trying to help other people deal...
  9. astorecalledkmart

    Depression Culture

    Disclosure: I'm not a mental health professional. If you're depressed, please get help. Tell your doctor/parents/spouse. This is simply some deen talk.
  10. astorecalledkmart

    Cute Somalis!

    "The Somali is moderate looking in all aspects with smooth planes on her head. She has a gentle dip in the triangular head. Her rather large ears sit tilted forward giving her an alert, aware look as if she is always paying attention to everything. The eyes, which look large in the face, show...
  11. astorecalledkmart

    What region of Somalia are you from?

    Waar @Sammo is your inna abti and is nice. Khaatumo's leadership largely defected to SL over the past few years. All that matters for all Somalis is recognition from Allah SWT, i.e. peace and prosperity
  12. astorecalledkmart

    Somalis acting in an Italian movie in 1936

    I already dress like that - it sucks in the winter tho :meleshame:
  13. astorecalledkmart

    What are your thoughts on immigration in Somalia?

    It's a big deal because his father is Italian (he thinks). Let's see how long Waaqo lasts this time around
  14. astorecalledkmart

    What are your thoughts on immigration in Somalia?

    No - Dire Dawa is a Somali city that has been slowly invaded by the Oromo. The Somali region wanted it as it's capital in 1991, but this was opposed by the Oromia region, so the federal government made it a chartered city because the issue is so controversial
  15. astorecalledkmart

    What are your thoughts on immigration in Somalia?

    Paying Somalis what in our own country? Somalis had their own currencies, and Latin was a disastrous innovation - Somalis had been using the wadaad written script since at least the 9th century, and had their own indigenous system prior to that. What benefit does learning Italian or their...
  16. astorecalledkmart

    Somalis acting in an Italian movie in 1936

    The shame...those noble Somali cheetahs are more worthy of life than the xoolo who followed the gaal around in their own country
  17. astorecalledkmart

    THANKS a lot QAXAABAD hooyo of the Denmark Xaliimo Dhaqan Celis! Danish media on a frenzy, at Xamar

    Does no one else find the random switch to Arabic funny?
  18. astorecalledkmart

    Question for @sirlancelord

    You and me both. FKD is a dangerous game - it's a waste of time and the reason why the Somali race is in the state it's in. When people can't even establish "Isaaqnimo", "Dirnimo", "Daroodnimo", or "Hawiyenimo", how can anyone believe we will ever achieve "Somalinimo"? This is the toxic qabilism...
  19. astorecalledkmart

    Somalis in France

    Ball so hard, this shit crazy becomes Kabud so hard, xaarka wu waashay