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  1. Gadiid

    Khabib is such a nice guy mashallah

    Good man.
  2. Gadiid

    Was the civil war a blessing?

    There are always lessons to take from history. Blessings and curses. But since we aren't learning from it and we're still in this horrid state, then how can I blame other Somalis for seeing this as a curse?
  3. Gadiid

    Somali boys say that the Somali female police officer is embarassing them - Somali Twitter pissed!!!

    Ay man, let her be. Allow the shaming tactics.
  4. Gadiid

    A post worthy of the Jeremy Kyle show

    Roll Tide
  5. Gadiid

    one of my biggest fears in life is meeting a gaal somali. Has anyone met one?

    No, I've known some non-practising Muslims but haven't met a non-Muslim Somali.
  6. Gadiid

    Important Crepes and Cones Official Apology

    I missed this. Glad they rectified this and got rid of the bastard.
  7. Gadiid


  8. Gadiid

    The Solution to the Gender Wars?

    Get off the net for a while and chill out, realise this gender war shit is insular and unhealthy. Twitter,Instagram, here.. before you know it it's all you'll end up talking about. Yes, I understand that this kind of talk happens in the real world. But you'll(hopefully) get checked on your bs...
  9. Gadiid

    I’m getting a 2nd wife

    Wash that floor boi.
  10. Gadiid

    Somalis in UK

    I'm fine in the UK, let me complain about the weather in peace, breh.
  11. Gadiid

    Remember that video of american Somali girls beating up that hooyo? was cause she was the 2nd wife!

    Yo...what did I miss? I might have to stay checked out of Somali news, wew. :faysalwtf:
  12. Gadiid

    This man life is a blessing mashallah

    A lively attitude, active living, may he have many more years. Only thing funny about this is the smoking, lol.
  13. Gadiid

    Beating children?

    Nah, got nothing but nightmares from those years. Every time I hear about people beating their kids I think the worst of them. Parents power tripping over little beings so they can fear you. Not respect.
  14. Gadiid

    What is on your mind right now?

    *****s spawning like demons from DOOM is becoming a little concerning.
  15. Gadiid

    Are human 'races' real?

  16. Gadiid

    It's over if you're an average looking male

    Yo, piss off with this ***** crap. Keep your "woe is me" narrative and cry into your pillow.
  17. Gadiid

    Interesting development! gender roles in the somali family unit dismantled by a particular family

    I feel like crap if I don't clean after myself. You'd feel useless if you can't even do the bare minimum. If you can't even do these simple things, then you're not as much of a man as you think are tbh.