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    Would you smash a reformed lesbian

    thats gay
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    "Its between them and Allah"

    its cuz you muslims dont know how to advise people you bully and harass them
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    shes taller than him and his beards fake?
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    Is Arabisation the solution for Somalis???

    we need westernization
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    Funny story

    this happaned to me aswell onne lmaoo i was shooketh
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    Does this sound crazy?

    Girl im so here for it so long as it looks good,natural and is safe
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    Why are men go back home to find wives considered to be losers in the West?

    because they know its easier to fund the lifestyle of women back home since its cheaper than the one live in the west where everything is more expensive. and also because they can easily find a wife back home whereas you're gonna need much more than a red passport to get a wife in the UK
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    Poll: Who is your favorite xalimo?

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    Somali + German wedding ! Mashallah.

    where is the flavour
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    Resurrection: Ertuğrul ... Netflix

    i watched them all trust me it goes by fast cuz the show is so good
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    Faarax absolutely destroys US Xaaliimo after “glow up”

    this is exactly how my glow up went lool feels amazing
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    What is on your mind right now?

    thinking about all the exams i have coming up. i freaking hate exams
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    Swedes having a crazy meltdown about Somalis in a forum

    loool i dont even blame them somalis in sweden are trashh!
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    Best Amazigh Song

    i dont know if its her voice that making the language sound ugly but i hate it. they should have stuck to arabic
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    how did you or your parents come to the West?

    my parents were a bit privileged so they came on a plane. unfortunately my auntie and her 3 kids had to do tahrib they made it safely tho so its all good.
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    Do you guys think Vanessa Bryant really loved Kobe?

    loool i wouldnt be surprised if she does
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    African Maids in Arabia

    most the maids are ethiopian and bantus cuz thhey're the traditional maids in arab countries and plus they dont have the same rights as other arabian maids so you can overwork and abuse
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    Do you guys think Vanessa Bryant really loved Kobe?

    there whole relationship is fake like most celebs. she was in it for the money