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  1. Somaliboqor

    Watch this!

    Everyone in the diaspora should watch this because I feel like he is talking about the problems our community face in western world.
  2. Somaliboqor

    Abwaan Dhiirane Kismayo High School

    Wallahi watch this comedian visiting A school in Kismayo. This dude can't be serious... It made me laugh last night.
  3. Somaliboqor

    Whats good?

    Is that you in your profile pic?
  4. Somaliboqor

    Somali youtuber ElmiTV got married

    My hooyo is from somalia and my Abo (aun) was from somaliland. I support somaliland but at the same time I love all somali people. I secretly wish all somali people could reunite and stopp all this qabiil bullshit. If I told this to my abo side of the family they would probably call me ******...
  5. Somaliboqor

    Somali youtuber ElmiTV got married

    He is a patriotic somalilander. He wants somaliland to gain independence. I don't know wich qabiil he is but problably isaaq.
  6. Somaliboqor

    Somali youtuber ElmiTV got married

    Remember him going viral on social media? media. He got married to beautiful 9/10 somali wife. Who said uk somalis don't marry eachother?
  7. Somaliboqor

    if somalia was a 1st world nation would you be pro immigration?

    Everyone watch this interview from 2918 on somali citizenship, passport and future immigration policy. It will answer all your questions!
  8. Somaliboqor

    if somalia was a 1st world nation would you be pro immigration?

    Only a few thousands immigrants. Somalia must always be a homogenous country with one ethnicity, language and relegion. We are only 15 miilion somalis and our neighbours Ethiopia 100 million and Kenya 50 million. All of you who are for open borders are stupid as fuck. You are willingly agreeing...
  9. Somaliboqor

    Reer xamar youtubers

    Yeah somalis love light skin. I've even heard the men are bleaching themselves back home. Btw i'm new here so feel free to ask me anything. I made an account on here because people are hilarious. English is my third language so my grammer is not the best. I'm a somali from Scandinavia.
  10. Somaliboqor

    I need to get me revert

    Yo forget about a revert and marry a somali girl. Race mixing is terrible because somali genes are weak as hell. Your mixed kids won't look anything like you. Say no to race mixing!
  11. Somaliboqor

    Reer xamar youtubers

    Who are this couple all the fobs are going crazy about on social media? They live in Malaysia.
  12. Somaliboqor

    President Farmaajo Renounces US Citizenship

    Somali diaspora listen: The new somali federal constitution under revision will not allow somalis with dual citizenship to serve in politics, military and buy land. What do you guys feel about this? I personally support this because somalia is full of corrupt somalis with dual citizenship.
  13. Somaliboqor

    Funny crazy farax

    Just watch the first 15min