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  1. Sakiin

    To Ex-Muslims I have a q

    One important thing that affects many Muslim youth in the west is their dissociation with the Quran. We just teach our kids to memorise the Quran and that's it. However, if we teach them the meaning of the Quran and Arabic from a young age it will help them understand that Islam is the truth...
  2. Sakiin

    Xalimo accuses nigerian guy of casting a black magic love spell on xalimo

    Those emails he sent are creepy damn. Kulaha "Your voodoo conjure box has been completed ". I don't believe most Somali girls who are with jareers are victims of black magic. However, I won't deny that there may be a few cases where black magic is involved. West Africans are notorious for...
  3. Sakiin

    Somali kids in Djibouti being adopted by French families.

    I once met a Djiboutian brother who was adopted by a French family as a baby. He was brought up as an atheist and couldn't understand a word of Somali. He told me about how he grew up in a white neighborhood with no Muslims. Then alxamdullilah he went to the States as part of a student...
  4. Sakiin


    Your biggest mistake. Sis be raw and reject them straight up the first time.
  5. Sakiin

    "The Salman Rushdie" of Somalis

    You claim to be an ex salafi but you don't know how the khulafa alrashiduun were chosen? How was Abu Bakr(may Allah be pleased with him) chosen as the leader? After the death of the Prophet(sallalahu alayhi wa salam) the muhajireen and Ansaar came together as a group and choose Abu Bakr to be...
  6. Sakiin

    "The Salman Rushdie" of Somalis

    Saaxib there is a difference between ijtihaad and being lenient with the xuduud compared to downright denying the xuduud punishment and thinking it's archaic and should be discarded. There are many cases in the times of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and the Sahaba where they tried to make...
  7. Sakiin

    Popular Korean Youtube reverts to Islam.

    Mashallah Xoolo badan on this forum wuu ka caqli badanyahay.
  8. Sakiin

    "The Salman Rushdie" of Somalis

    I have two questions. Should a Muslim ruler of a state rule by the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم? Or man made law? Does he have a choice in deciding whether he wants to follow the Law of Allah or not?
  9. Sakiin

    "The Salman Rushdie" of Somalis

    Exactly bro. Like you said they want to water down Islam just as Christianity has been. They want to confine it to Friday prayers and Ramadaan. Basra I know your heart is in the right place...that you love your religion unlike the other gaalos on here. However, Umar ibn Khattab subhanallah...
  10. Sakiin

    "The Salman Rushdie" of Somalis

    This guy in the vid is probably a Quranist...only accepts the quran and not the hadeeths of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. He said he found no evidence at all in the Quran that the apostate should be sentenced to a death penalty. What about the following hadiths in Saheeh Bukhaari and...
  11. Sakiin

    Boys, would you ever get a...

    This is what is mentioned on the NHS website regarding vasectomy reversal. It may be reversible for some men but that is not a 100% guarantee. Cutting or blocking the tubes that carry semen to your penis is no easy matter. So it isn't because us men are xaasid to our wives or are reckless...
  12. Sakiin

    Is Currency Exchange Haram Also?

    /end thread. Brother you summed up things perfectly. There are many variables as to why a certain country's currency is more valuable than others. In the case of the USA the petrodollar is one of the greatest reasons for the dollar's power in the world. The end of the Petrodollar is the end...
  13. Sakiin

    Is Currency Exchange Haram Also?

    Wallahi some of the stuff you read on this forum is crazy. Dr Osman is right in saying that the world economy is based on Riba. However, for him to conclude that we should get in on the riba game is something no Muslim who believes in his religion would say. I think he is one of those new...
  14. Sakiin

    World Qualifiers: Zimbabwe vs Somalia 2nd leg 9AM EST/2PM GMT

    Lol sxb crazy. Our boys did their best, but their game had no cohesion. Couldn't keep the ball in midfield or attack. Somalis have potential, they may not be the most physical but technically they are ballers. We just need to build a good system and training facilities at grass root...
  15. Sakiin

    World Qualifiers: Zimbabwe vs Somalia 2nd leg 9AM EST/2PM GMT

    Smh Zimbabwe needed to score 2 goals in 6mins + extra time.Wallahi I thought it was game over for them but we somehow just looked like a nervous wreck. Tbh even if we went through, we would've got absolutely violated by Nigeria/Ivory Coast etc. Imagine Wilfried Zaha against our...
  16. Sakiin

    My favourite Somali sayings

    That one is a classic. Hmm Ragna waa shaah dumarna waa sheeko
  17. Sakiin

    Classic! Best Joke, Ever

    Warya caadi ma tihid looool Is my man seriously posting vids of himself on sspot?
  18. Sakiin

    What if your daughter got into a relationship before marriage?

    May Allah protect our Children. I think you have brought up an important discussion. However, the way you worded it makes every man shudder. As the Prophet S.A.W said Abd-Allah ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) who reported: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon...
  19. Sakiin

    Farax impresses a paki girl with a bollywood song

    Lol still talking after throwing away a two goal lead. Typical weak Spurs.
  20. Sakiin

    Map of territorial control in Somalia, August 2019 (PolGeoNow)

    Sxb the war on terrorism is a profitable business. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the USA has absolutely gone on a rampage. In a bipolar world the USA really needed to forge friendships and alliances in order to prevent poorer nations from turning to the Soviet side. Now with their new...