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    We are chosen

    I'd make white people and folks from wealthy Asian countries want to immigrate to Somalia if I was your leader. They would be coming by the boatloads and risking their lives on the high seas to live with Somalis. You'd be the ones protesting their presence and calling them all sorts of names and...
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    These young sisters were killed by Al Shabab in the pizza restaurant in Xamar

    We never see the faces of the little kids killed by Al Shabab, just the faces of the older victims, especially if they were well known, so I thought it should be posted to remember them too. RIP
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    Busiest airports in Africa (look where for Somalia's data)

    I'm surprised at Lagos
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    Somalis Have Spread out

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    We are chosen

    I speak the language of peace, defense, jobs, good governance and correct values. The locals will be speaking my language to communicate.
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    We are chosen

    If I was leader of Somalia, you'd gain dignity and stability and first world status so fast that your big heads would spin. As much as ya'll hate me, you'd know I'm the only Somali guy (allegedly) who could make Somalia like Switzerland.
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    That kid from the Quran competition is facing treason charges in Somaliland

    I wish the West was as ruthless as Somaliland and charge half of its citizens for treason.
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    Somalis vs African Americans?

    I've also noticed young people have no respect for their elders as well nowadays. Here is a BLM feminist who has an issue with this man simply saying "hello" to her. She claimed sexual harassment.
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    Number of millionaire households per country released today

    I wonder how long US can hold the top spot. How come these numbers are way off from my last thread? Do they exclude property?
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    Somali Girls Fight at Nandos

    Why didn't he tape it? He's useless
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    Habesha guy says Somali girls live for them

    I knew of one.
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    Xaliimo from NY crying N social media over the way French officials treated her

    I think more Sunnis in one day complain about hypothetical Islamophobia than all the Sunnis who have bothered to tackle extremism in their communities since 2001.
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    Another thread bitching

    Just wear a ****** hair wig.
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    Xaliimo from NY crying N social media over the way French officials treated her

    I was at the same airport. I had a pleasant experience. A few airport workers were rude but I won't make up a situation. Didn't the last one who said she was a victim of Islamophobia found to be a liar? Why should anyone believe them now? :bell:
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    Xaliimo from NY crying N social media over the way French officials treated her

    She's a liar. Why is it that I have never experienced any of these sorts of incidents? Even a very minor one? How come Asians and Indians don't make up these stories? Why is it always Blacks and Muslims?
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    Most Annoying User?

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    Helmut Kohl is dead

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    Barwani Guy Gets Bullied On "Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars"

    UK Somalis always humilating the Somali diaspora. It's a sport for them.
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    Potential war between Djibouti/Eritrea?

    You should injure them first then ogle or touch them.
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    Potential war between Djibouti/Eritrea?

    Didn't Djibouti get it's ass kicked the last time by female Eritrean soldiers? I heard Eritrean men weren't even involved.