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  1. Dibleyy

    Have you ever had a Existential Crisis before?

    I definitely have them all the time, my life has turned a 360 from my teenage years im less extroverted and more introverted and prefer to be alone. I feel lost and behind from my peers and no connection with the people ive called my friends for so long and through the past few years have only...
  2. Dibleyy

    Somalis with straight hair

    I have a mixture, sometimes it’s straight and sometimes wavy but my relatives have bone straight Hindi hair
  3. Dibleyy

    British Caribbeans population declining at an all time high

    Didn’t SSpotters say half Somalis who come from their mothers side aren’t Somali and only fathers are because of tribe? Lol I am confusion
  4. Dibleyy

    British Caribbeans population declining at an all time high

    no mixed Somali kids usually identify as other or their non Somali half (I have plenty mixed cousins seriously almost all my dads brothers married ajnabi) and most don’t want to associate or learn about Somali culture
  5. Dibleyy

    Chinese people spreading the CoronaVirus on PURPOSE!!!

    These people are so selfish Walahi! And when you move away from them on the train or bus they cry out racism https://www.instagram.com/shadeangels/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_mid=E67FE07A-2754-43E9-9C90-B49C2A4B7B48
  6. Dibleyy

    Are there actually a lot of Somali households without fathers?

    It’s a fathers job to discipline his children you jackass, Somali moms can’t control young boys, and if they decide to join gangs and get raped in prison that’s not Somali women’s fault. Somali moms are out here working jobs and taking care of the house while the older fathers (not this...
  7. Dibleyy

    The major reason why I kicked out my Somali girlfriend out of my condo

    damn have we become gaalo now? Girlfriend ah?!
  8. Dibleyy

    The major reason why I kicked out my Somali girlfriend out of my condo

    Ok tbh she’s totally wrong on so many levels to share your income with her friends that’s so haram even sharing it with her family isn’t right, 5K is ALOT, and you shouldn’t have kicked her out, that’s wrong on your part. You should have talked to a sheikh and her parents and give her an...
  9. Dibleyy


    10K, which honestly is pretty cheap compared to what I should be. If I glow up more I’ll ask for 30 lol
  10. Dibleyy

    Ladies:Do you like a man in a tracksuit?

    @CaliTedesse its sad that in 2020 this has to be explained to you but women don’t give a f what your wearing if your a good looking guy. Same way guys don’t care if it’s a cute girl lol it’s only the ugly niggas that come on here asking those questions lol
  11. Dibleyy

    Luka Magnotta was he really framed by Manny (Dont F*ck With Cats)

    The think that disturbed me the most was how the animal rights activists were crying more for the dog than for the man that had been killed and also you obviously haven’t watched the whole thing because the ending showed the whole manny thing and his motives, let’s just say this guy is a grade...
  12. Dibleyy

    Arabs qaxootis cuck Somalis in Hargeisa

    This is why I don’t feel bad when these women experience domestic violence
  13. Dibleyy

    Naag Nool gets abused by her ajanbi jareer husband

    I’m usually not a defender of Somali men but what’s the correlation? wtf you sound stupid
  14. Dibleyy

    Dumb xalimo does "I'm in the ghetto rattata" in Prophet's mosque

    lmao if you look at my previous comments I also said how it’s the dark Bantu looking Xalimo’s who are the weirdest, no one said shit. . . Guess they just think I’m bat shit crazy and take my words with a grain of salt LOL
  15. Dibleyy

    Somali girls only *make up*

    It gives the skin a nice glow which I prefer since my skin is dry, the concealer is THE BOMB.COM literally looks like skin and conceals my uneven mouth area nicely
  16. Dibleyy

    Somali girls only *make up*

    Have any of you tried glossier their skinny tint and concealer are bomb
  17. Dibleyy

    crime pays breaks a somali girls heart

    I think the only Somali men I can look up to in my life are my brothers, they are the only decent Somali men I know other than that finding a good hearted Somali guy who has hayat is like finding a needle in a haystack
  18. Dibleyy

    crime pays breaks a somali girls heart

    Half of the Somalis I know don’t have fathers in their life lol just admit y’all are losers. I’m already prepared that if I marry a Somali guy that we will divorce lol. Once we do nobody can say shit when I marry a beautiful ajnabi guy
  19. Dibleyy

    crime pays breaks a somali girls heart

    did I say I was a bastard dumbass learn to read I didn’t say y’all don’t get married but this might as well be baby momma culture, all I said was there’s a reason most Somali women are single mothers most of y’all are hitters and quitters who stay at home and chew khat all day or go to Somalia...