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  1. AIOPZ

    The Taliban won the war

    Also, if you guys didn't know, the Taliban (or the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as they preferred to be called) has a Twitter account. Most of their content is in Pashto, but some of them are in English. https://twitter.com/Zabehulah_M33
  2. AIOPZ

    The Taliban won the war

    Actually, not the Taliban - they're quick to execute people who engage in that. The Afghan government lets it fly under the radar often, though.
  3. AIOPZ

    Authorities in HENESSYLAND don’t want a deranged looking faarax not released from jail or he’ll rape

    He's a timo jileec faraax ain't he. Same thing.
  4. AIOPZ

    Thousands of inmates break out of Brazilian jail and roam free in neighboring town.

    Why didn't the Brazilian government just allow them to leave during the virus like Iran did?
  5. AIOPZ

    Is the Corona virus (COVID 19) man made?

    Walaal, I just got a little busy with school and everything, you know. But burning time has suddenly become much more attainable with the virus closing everything.
  6. AIOPZ

    Is the Corona virus (COVID 19) man made?

    But is it really though? The fact that merely even questioning historical events written by largely one side is automatically labeled as "denial" speaks a lot about modern (western) society. :/
  7. AIOPZ

    Is the Corona virus (COVID 19) man made?

    He never said the Holocaust didn't happen, he just said that since he never saw it he can't be 100% sure that it did.
  8. AIOPZ

    Breaking News Coronavirus Epidemic News Updates

    It's going to keep going up as more and more test kits become available. The only reason why coronavirus cases in the U.S are so low is because testing is very sluggish on the behalf of the federal and state governments compared to other developed nations.
  9. AIOPZ

    Gaal feminist xaliimo throws away "ugly ass jilbaab"

    Lol, these types are almost always either receiving money from anti-Muslim groups (like Imam Tawhidi, Aynaz Cyrus, Mona Walter, etc.) or are desperately seeking attention in order to obtain funding for their fitnah.
  10. AIOPZ

    Non muslim family member

    Make du'as for her. Everyday. That's all you can really do. You don't know her mind and I would discourage you from trying to start any debates with her as this is guaranteed to only make her more defensive in her atheism.
  11. AIOPZ

    how important is language & speech to success? is code switching necessary?

    I think this is more of a UK thing because it's really not uncommon in America for Somalis (at least those raised here) to sound pretty white when they talk in English.
  12. AIOPZ

    Annoying kids at the mosque

    Reminds of when a little boy around the age of 3 or 4 at the masjid a week or so ago kept on pushing me during the entirety of salat. It was so frustrating and irritating.
  13. AIOPZ

    Cereal, milk than bowl no cadaans try something new check this crazy shit out

    Cadaan people have actually made this a legit trend.
  14. AIOPZ

    "Somali guys are nasty!" Gay Faarax explains why he does not date Somali guys

    Good on the brother for caring enough about Somali men to not infect them. The Somali community is filled with nothing short of gratitude for his kindess.
  15. AIOPZ

    MN Faaraxs tryna rob unconscious Cadaan girl but later claims to be joking

    I never would call the cops on a brother who isn't harming me unless the situation absolutely called for it (murder, rape, or kidnapping). I think these women on Twitter just enjoy seeing Somali young men rot in prison. Shameful women.
  16. AIOPZ

    Gum is haram.

    https://raisevegan.com/the-myth-about-gums-being-cruelty-free-is-chewing-gum-vegan/ It would seem so. Though some brands are more halal then others.
  17. AIOPZ

    Faraax giving his WHITE HUSBAND foot massage

    Why does he look like someone is holding him at gunpoint?
  18. AIOPZ

    FGM merchant Nimco Ali wants Somalis to vote Conservative

    The Left isn't all that great but at least they don't try to obtain votes by antagonizing Muslim immigrants...