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  1. dr.leorio

    Are looks important to you?

    Both are very important. I'm sure as you get older, personality becomes more important but I'm a young lad so looks definitely takes precedence.
  2. dr.leorio

    Lots of volatility in the markets (March 2020)

    Agreed. Monday is gonna be red. In fact, I believe the stock exchange will eventually close until the coronavirus blows over.
  3. dr.leorio

    Biggest Korean exchange Upbit lists Vechain

    Is Upbit a good exchange? I would appreciate some reviews
  4. dr.leorio

    Men of SSPOT: Would you marry a woman in her 30’s?

    Yes absolutely, I would marry a Somali sister in her 30s....but only if I'm in my 40s and a single father. Besides that scenario, I don't ever see it happening
  5. dr.leorio

    My former high school classmate hinted on marriage

    Tell them to buy cat litter
  6. dr.leorio

    Somali men are now seen as weak insecure men who can't secure their women on Twitter.

    Woow, it's pretty obvious the power dynamics between Somalis and mathows are different in Europe compared to here in the states. We put the fear of God in these dregs of society and don't take any shit from them. I feel sorry for you guys lakin you always have the option to leave and go back to...
  7. dr.leorio


    Great post. It's pretty evident that raising kids in the west is a bad idea. I'll have to make Hijrah to a Muslim country when I'm ready to start a family Insha'Allah. It's a sacrifice worth undergoing.
  8. dr.leorio

    Xaliimo YouTuber asks “are Geeljire males feminine” ?

    Let me a guess....she's a jaded single mom who can't attract the man she wanted so she makes YouTube videos to showcase her mental illness? I didn't even have to watch the video to make this analysis
  9. dr.leorio

    Smoking weed causing problems

    Your brain is fully developed by the age of 25 so I'd advise you to lay off the weed until your body has matured mentally. Although their are medical benefits to cannabis, there's just not enough studies done on human subjects to give any conclusive facts. So you really are rolling the dice...
  10. dr.leorio

    "Its between them and Allah"

    If you did your dirt in private then YES, only Allah can judge you. Lakin if the whole neighborhood knows about your debauchery and you have a bad reputation then it's on you. You fucked up and people judging you and talking shit becomes one of the consequences. Actions have consequences...
  11. dr.leorio

    Being an attractive geeljire

    Thanks! No I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm more or less trying to survive these classes at the moment. I'll probably make a decision later this year Inshallah
  12. dr.leorio

    Being an attractive geeljire

    I'm in med school right now. Inshallah I'll get married once I graduate.
  13. dr.leorio

    Being an attractive geeljire

    I actually don't like the attention. It's a blessing and a curse walahi. I literally have to give myself a buzzcut every few months because of the excessive stares I'll get everywhere I go. Don't get me wrong, it's nice when a pretty gal gives you attention but when these wildebeests also...
  14. dr.leorio

    Older men

    You're a strange old broad
  15. dr.leorio

    Cornovirus is a cover up

    Its a coverup for the global stockmarket collapsing and the return of the gold standard
  16. dr.leorio

    Since Ramadan is next month how many of you will avoid big crowds in the mosque due to coronavirus?

    Be mindful Exercise Pray Supplements And Duah is all you really need. You're immunocompromised if you're overweight or malnourished.
  17. dr.leorio

    American Somalis, How do you feel when pulled over by cops ?

    Ngl I'm the most well behaved when I get pulled over by the police
  18. dr.leorio

    My Xalimo crisis boot camp

    Right now the Somali community has a plethora of unmarried Xalimos, druggie Faraxs and single moms. I predict in the next 10yrs that it'll only get much worse! Get your shit together and get out of Babylon while you still have a chance. Dr.L
  19. dr.leorio

    Tired of being a minority.

    There's something peaceful about walking outside and seeing other people that look exactly like you. Living around cadaans 24/7 has me in a constant state of high alert. Once you make it in the west, you owe it to your soul to live peacefully. Go back home. Mama Afrika needs you.