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  1. Leila

    Down syndrome ruler of 1 bedroom yells on Skype for no reason

    Please respect out president and prime minister, they are trying their best during these difficult times. We had chaos for almost 3 decades, little steps at a time.
  2. Leila

    The master orders his slaves over Skype

    Looool I support our president and prime minister but this was too funny. I really try to take Somali politicians serious but I just can’t .
  3. Leila

    Meghan Markle is bringing real shame to coloured people

    Lol she’s a grifter but she did well. Now thanks to her baby she will never have to work a day in her life .
  4. Leila

    German cadaan lady wants a jareer nose..

    [ Do they dress up like this during carnival :ftw9nwa:
  5. Leila

    German cadaan lady wants a jareer nose..

    Germans are hippies compared to the Dutch. In the Netherlands they had negerzoenen (chocolate covered marshmallows) and Jodenkoek until recently. But they had to drop the names thanks to the SWJ's . A lot of Dutch people still feel salty about that, soon black Pete will be banned too:pachah1...
  6. Leila

    Men of SSPOT: Would you marry a woman in her 30’s?

    This forum is full of 18-22 ciyaals , wrong place to ask .
  7. Leila

    Would you marry

    @Cyrus palestinians and egyptians have a low status in the gulf countries. The pensinula Arabs don’t even marry them. How do you think Somalis get treated ?
  8. Leila

    Would you marry

    Persian when Allah (swt) is angry? subhanallah where do people get this information from :mindblown:
  9. Leila


    11. Loves to use the term ''Xaarlimo''
  10. Leila

    Xalimo clears up the rumours of her pregnancy...

    I’m not racist , I wouldn’t treat a child any differently but that’s how our society thinks . In reality halss would probably be disowned by her family .
  11. Leila

    Xalimo clears up the rumours of her pregnancy...

    You know very well that the average Somali doesn’t think like that . In the Somali community illegitimate children are called Wecels (bastards ). Imagine how her family will treat an illegitimate child that’s half madow. I feel sorry for the child having to grow up knowing they will never be...
  12. Leila

    Xalimo clears up the rumours of her pregnancy...

    The sin is the same of course but now her child will be illegitimate , on top of that he/she will be half madoow . That combination is too much.
  13. Leila

    Xalimo clears up the rumours of her pregnancy...

    Is the father of her child Somali or madow ?
  14. Leila

    Farmaggio sends 20 doctors to his masters in Italy, plans to bring back 20 cases of coronavirus

    The doctors should be sent to rural areas .
  15. Leila

    Somalian thot caught in the act

    lol I didnt know wearing denim miniskirts makes you a “thot”. I used to wear miniskirts with leggings but I started wearing hijab at 16.
  16. Leila

    The tribal section be like

    :drakelaugh:Dabcasar: waryaaa Ogaden
  17. Leila

    How would we implement 4.5 among us If Somalis took over the Holy sites in Islam?

    Don't we need to conquer our own land first like south Somalia (from Amisom) and Somali Galbeed (from Xabashi) and of course NFD. :stressed:
  18. Leila

    Well known Somali ex hijabi youtuber impregnated

    There used to be a time when Somali women would hide their out of wedlock pregnancy , I guess anything goes in this day and age .