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    Do you guys think Halima Aden will settle down with a somali man?

    This site never changes. Stay Classy, Somalispot. :banderas:
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    Doug Ford don’t care about no somalis

    Feel free to leave our “socialist” province any time and fly back to your one-trick pony of a shithole province, sxb. :heh:
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    Xalimos and Co-Dependency

    Surprisingly, there are a lot of dudes who are like this as well...:francis:
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    I never let people get too close to me, is this normal?

    That ***** life. :manny:
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    Start Saving Up Your Money! Next financial crisis 'has begun and will be worse than 2008 crash'

    Economists have successfully predicted 11 of the last 3 recessions. :heh:
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    Is monogamy outdated?

    Reality is only low-value males would be fine with sharing their woman. :manny:
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    Iam very critical of Muawiyah bin Sufyan.

    We now have maryooley rafidhis. :deadrose:
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    NSFW What do you think of porn?

    I would consider myself left of centre. Some socialism is fine and makes sense. That is economically speaking. Socially, as a Muslim, I’m more conservative. It’s interesting to see even from a purely physical/material approach you can see the corrosive and abhorrent nature of pornography. I...
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    NSFW What do you think of porn?

    You sound like a gender-critical marxist.:mjpls:
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    why do somalis look down in single moms?

    I don't get why this is even a controversy. Single mothers are better off going after single fathers. More compatible than with a childless guy.:manny:
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    Is it ever too late to start over?

    30 is not old, but it's not young either. Most people who do this from what I've seen make lateral jumps to jobs they already have some background knowledge. Then there's the specter of more schooling.
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    Geeljire Drug Dealers from Dixon picked up on wiretaps discussing Mayor crack tape

    That's not how things work at all in the real world. :ftw9nwa: The mayor of Toronto is basically just an over-glorified councilor and ambassador for the city. Having leverage over one vote on city council is useless. :heh:
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    We need Muslim unity

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    We need Muslim unity

    All jokes aside, let's be realistic here. It would actually be far more easier to unite the Muslims than it is Somalis.
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    We need Muslim unity

    I didn't realize Saudi Arabia was a natural nation/ethnicity. Or the borders of Jordan are natural and weren't drawn by the strokes of a certain famous western colonialist who was hungover.
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    Buying a chanel bag

    Nothing wrong with spoiling the wife. Just don't go overboard and into debt to flex. It's a lot more obvious than people realize even if its real and straight from the boutique. Also, you will appreciate experiences and trips far more than designer goods. Gucci and LV don't make for fond...
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    i'm a young guy who is planning to get Marriage in a year or 2

    There's nothing wrong with marrying or preferring your sub-clan or clan imo. Where it crosses the bridge is the hatred of other Somali clans. There are many benefits to marrying in the Tol. It makes the marriage more harmonious and stable. And the fearmongering about genetic defects due to...
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    Canada’s Ahmed Hussen rejects visas of Africans 4 the 2nd yr in a row to attend a “conference” . Lol

    That's a whole lotta words for a man you don't know anything about nor have anything to do with. :ulyin:
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    Typical reer henny having a convo with his ayeeyo

    Not me and my family. :manny: