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  1. Reign

    Xalimo rapper goes on a tirade against Somali men

    All the pretty girls marry out. What tf do you faraxs do to them? :drakelaugh:
  2. Reign

    UK rapper disses halimos and shows love to Farahs

    I don’t know who this is :abuxyga::abuxyga:
  3. Reign

    Baby Xaawo and Abdalla

    You’re such a toxic person. Say mash’allah and. Keep it moving!
  4. Reign

    My sister

    WOOOOOWWWWWW for someone that’s a sister you’re a big HATER. Acudubillah, Allah forbid my sister becomes a hater like you! Support your sister! Has it occurred to you maybe she is the one who doesn’t want to get married and she says what her parents want to hear? Lol you’re honestly a snake...
  5. Reign

    Alcohol is a Deadly Danger to Society

    I think there’s a gene for alcoholism and majority of people who are alcoholics activate that gene. Somalis can’t even handle khaat, how are they going to handle alcohol? They will become alcoholics. That stuff is poison, it should be banned.
  6. Reign

    Somalis dont have Gay gene.

    There are gay people in every community, cut it out. The shaytaan doesn’t pick and choose on who to misguide.
  7. Reign

    Update on my crush

    I guess the heart wants what it wants, propose to him already and get this fitnah over and done with. Who knows his first wife might make a great co-wife, you can go play dates with your kids together. :sass1:
  8. Reign

    Question for the Halimos

    No darling, we don’t do Eastern European’s around here. :gucciwhat:
  9. Reign

    Why do Somali girls hate Somali guys so much?

    I don’t understand how you can hate on your own men 24/7. If you hate them that much marry out and keep it moving bismillah.
  10. Reign

    Update on my crush

    Well damn sis... the amount of men in this world but you knowingly go after a married man. I guess you can always be his second wife.
  11. Reign

    Amaal Nuux abt to blow up ...but with not a Farax partner

    How do you know they’re thots? Did you screw all 7 of them?
  12. Reign

    Trump Somali tweet

    Not sure on American politics much, but I believe the Minnesotans elected her so she needs to represent them, but she keeps saying controversial stuff. I mean if you stand by those beliefs then back them up all the way. Otherwise no point saying it and then taking it back. There’s already a lot...
  13. Reign

    Somali man used one crazy trick for marriage, older sspot women hate him

    If she’s over the legal age and she wants to marry him I say let her.
  14. Reign

    Allahunaxriisto we lost the 6th Somali boy this year in a revenge jump out gang killing

    AUN when will Somali boys stop with the gang stuff?
  15. Reign

    How can I relocate to Somalia permanently

    Get a one way ticket.
  16. Reign

    Trump Somali tweet

    Ilhan is getting annoying now. She’s making it impossible for another Somali to get elected again.
  17. Reign

    Foreign marriage horror stories: SHARE

    Actually she’s Half Somaliland half something else that’s East African.
  18. Reign

    Foreign marriage horror stories: SHARE

  19. Reign

    BALAAYO! UK Xaliimo who decimated broke-a*s Ex-husband on YouTube announces ..

    Typical narcissist, blame other people always but yourself. Maybe those xalimos have reasons for divorce. Some of you men are lazy and lack ambition. All you want to do is earn minimum wage or sit in shisha cafes and have kids you won’t even help raise. Let her marry whoever she wants.
  20. Reign

    Ramla Ali: Meet the (Somali) boxer on the Duchess of Sussex's Vogue front page

    Somali families can be really toxic. You can become a scientist that cures all illnesses but wouldn’t approve if the community doesn’t.