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  1. Aaegal

    Geeljire shows his 5 yr natural transformation

    Why do juice heads always try to claim natural... Just admit it, it's not a big deal :bell: I've been tempted to get on a cycle but I'm scared of being infertile, getting cancer and small gonads.
  2. Aaegal

    NSFW Dahir Alasow adult movie leaked

  3. Aaegal

    I got raped by a woman [Twitter Thread]

    In one hand I have a roofie and in the other viagra. Voila, you've just been raped by a woman.
  4. Aaegal

    What Is Data Science?

    I had a data science phase when I learned python. Ended up just using Django and Flask to create RESTful apis and then moved away from that to GraphQL. Nonetheless, data science is still really interesting and I would love to get back into it at some point in the future. I have too many things...
  5. Aaegal

    Trump Taking a Stroll in North Korea With Kim Jong Un

    You know, I thought you were one of the few sane people here. I just had to wait long enough for you to actually post something insane it seems.
  6. Aaegal

    In collaboration with a famous YouTube travel Vlogger I present you my COLOMBIA TRIP

    Where in Colombia did you go? Don't have time to watch the whole video so I skimmed. That beach is amazing. Been a while since I went to the beach :bell:
  7. Aaegal

    SJWs are trying to force a Somali councilman to resign for not supporting pride month

    @Basra sometimes I question your existence myself.
  8. Aaegal

    SJWs are trying to force a Somali councilman to resign for not supporting pride month

    Religion has no place in politics. If you're unable to separate the two, stay out of public office. I honestly don't understand the mental gymnastics you people do in order to be homophobic while still complaining about racism, oppression and Islamophobia from other groups.
  9. Aaegal

    Mental illness is rampant in Somalia

    The Somali cure for mental illness is 'I'm going to call the shiek, let him read quran over you and have him spit on you."
  10. Aaegal


  11. Aaegal

    If you had a gun pointed at you, which sspot member would you marry?

    Oh now I understand what you meant :chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh:
  12. Aaegal

    If you had a gun pointed at you, which sspot member would you marry?

    Are you a lesbian? :ooh:
  13. Aaegal

    How many siblings do you have(poll)

    Until the realization dawns that you family is poor.
  14. Aaegal

    24 ISIS brides & 32 children of Somali origin beg the FGS to resettle them. Would you?

    I'm not going to blame the children for their parents. The women however need to be sent to prison.
  15. Aaegal

    Bro let this sink in please.......

    This is corruption and it can be exposed. When people start digging, nothing can be concealed forever. No it can't because like I pointed out, there are measurable metrics which corruption indexes are based on. They're not going to be 100% accurate but it's what we have to go off. If I am...
  16. Aaegal

    Bro let this sink in please.......

    The resource curse. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/resource-curse.asp
  17. Aaegal

    Bro let this sink in please.......

    Clearly laws work seeing as there countries with low corruption rates. I'm not even sure what you're trying to argue at this point haha. Somalia is a UN member state so it's suppose to recognize the harmful effects corruption has on development.
  18. Aaegal

    Woman beats up 19 yr old son

    This kid is just going to end up resenting his mother. There are better ways to stop your child from being a 'badman'. Ship your child to military school to teach them discipline or get them enrolled in activities that do not leave them time to fall in with the wrong crowd. I think having them...
  19. Aaegal

    Bro let this sink in please.......

    Either way it's hurtful to development. America ranks 71/100 on the corruption index (the lower the score, the more corrupt) placing it as the 22nd least corrupt country in the world. I do agree there are high levels of corruption in America. However, there are laws against it and it's not...